Tribal Chicken

Security. Malware Research. Digital Forensics.


I'm an Australian who does tech and security stuff. When not at my full-time job, I do independent DFIR / InfoSec / Malware research.

This site currently acts as an informal outlet of some of the independent work I am doing, unrelated to my current employment or any other studies I may currently be undertaking.

Most recently, I have done some work attempting to make full volume encryption key recovery more user friendly, including Extracting FileVault 2 Keys with Volatility and Recovering BitLocker keys on Windows 8.1 and 10.

I also enjoy working with Malware and have performed some analysis of CryptoWall 3, as well as Hesperbot (Part 1, part 2). I’m also a big fan of automation and so have developed a simple pipe filter to automatically submit attachments to Cuckoo sandbox.

My contact information may be found on the “Contact” page.