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GPS/GSM Tracker Update

I’ve been working on the web application to manage my GPS tracker for the car. It allows remote configuration of the GPS trackers as well as realtime tracking (Maps the current position on a map when the trackers are online) and trip reporting.

Here’s a sample trip report:

Essentially the whole system is made up of several parts:

  1. The hardware (Plus firmware on top) that make up the actual devices.
  2. The server software, which receives data from and sends commands to the trackers.
  3. The data analysis engine – This analyses the data and, based on a set of pre-defined rules uses confidence values to determine the boundaries of “Trips” (E.G. Driving from home to work in the morning is a single “trip”).
  4. The web application – a user interface to the whole system.

Plus of course all the supporting stuff: Databases, frameworks, etc.