Migrating iRedMail + SOGo to a new server

A while ago [http://www.tribalchicken.com.au/?p=56] I setup a fully-fledged groupware server with a combination of iRedMail [http://www.iredmail.org] and SOGo [http://www.sogo.nu]. Last week I have migrated this setup to a new server which was incredibly painless (Actually easier than I expected). Although being a personal… leer más

SOGo CardDAV and the iPhone

Getting CardDAV and CalDAV working with the iPhone As much as I like SOGo (and am enjoying my iPhone) I can’t seem to find decent information on setting up CardDAV or CalDAV to work with the iPhone. Most importantly, I had trouble finding the correct URL to use: NOTE: This assumes that you are… leer más