Guide: Cuckoo Sandbox on FreeBSD

This is a guide through configuring a basic Cuckoo Sandbox installation on a FreeBSD host. The main points of difference between a Linux and a FreeBSD install lie in the configuration of the firewall for the host to NAT connections between the Virtualbox host-only network and the Internet. I don't often write guides,… leer más

Automated Malware Analysis: mail server -> Cuckoo, V2.0

Quite some time ago I slapped together a couple of scripts to submitquarantined attachments from my mail server to Cuckoo (Article here [] ). I have finally found time to re-write this to use a Postfix content filter: extracting any attachments from an email processed by Postfix, then submitting to Cuckoo… leer más

Crypt0L0cker - TorrentLocker Rebranded

Recently here in Australia there has been some discussion about a Ransomware campaign using Australian Federal Police themed spam emails (The AFP published a press release [] on the matter in April). The malware shares many characteristics with TorrentLocker and looks to be nearly identical.… leer más