Crypt0L0cker - TorrentLocker Rebranded

Recently here in Australia there has been some discussion about a Ransomware campaign using Australian Federal Police themed spam emails (The AFP published a press release [] on the matter in April). The malware shares many characteristics with TorrentLocker and looks to be nearly identical.… continue reading

Trojan using Pastebin & Dropbox

Interesting… Another variant of what appears to be Ursnif (Please correct me if you have further info) is making the rounds, this time using the well known services Pastebin and Dropbox to assist in distributing the malware As seen previously the malware is being spread primarily by phishing email with a zip file attached. Within… continue reading

CryptoWall 3.0: still alive.

Note: This is not yet a full analysis. Early this morning I received several phishing emails that look suspiciously like those associated with the delivery of Cryptowall 3.0…. [] The zip files contain an obfuscated .js file. Unfortunately I did not get time to… continue reading